Just one of the many delicious recipes we created in our vegetarian cookbook with tips for the new and experienced cooks. Watch us at VegTV from the CARRIBEAN SHOW hosted by Marie Oser! [ Click Here ]


Bill's Best Seasonings: Chik'nish, Beaf, Curry, No Yoke (full flavor of Chik'nish without the yellow result), and Lemon Juice Powder

Bill's Baste & Marinade: Designed to compliment our Minit-Meats and works well as an Italian style seasoning or dressing.

Minit-Meats: Comes in two flavors, Minit-Meat Chik and Minit-Meat Beaf. Don't be fooled by the small cans, these are a dry mix that make a full pound and a quarter of finished gluten (seitan). Just add water and boil for as little as 10 minutes (see label for complete instructions). Great made ahead and frozen in your favorite sizes for quick meal preparation (many customers report this enhances the flavor).

Bill's cook books: Bill's Best Kept Best Secrets. Taken from the best of Bill's recipe collection. They particularly feature the Bill's Best seasoning and Minit Meat line of products.

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